Letter from the Editor

Photo by Sasha Pedro

Dear Reader,

I/O began as an idea for a platform to showcase artists who might otherwise be lost to the margins, or written out of music history books. As a guitarist working in improvised music, I have grown frustrated with the lack of resources for musicians like myself who occupy the gray area between genre boundaries. Furthermore, there are challenges associated with working in an industry that often imposes expectations on artists based on their gender identity. Many of us have been told that we need to work harder – be louder, faster, better – to earn our place onstage.

The women and non-binary musicians I have encountered are some of the most innovative and daring artists I know. The mission of this publication is to amplify the voices of this community by documenting their advancements in non-mainstream music scenes throughout the U.S. “Input” refers to the gender discrimination that women and non-binary artists experience in the music industry; “output” describes the ways in which these experiences do – or do not – shape our work.

In this first issue you will meet seven artists, each chosen for their meaningful contribution to the creative music community in Massachusetts. Although this selection of artists represents a cross-section of scenes, it only scratches the surface. There are voices not present in this first issue, voices that I am eager to include as I/O grows and expands. With that in mind, I want to hear from you. Who do you think should be featured in I/O? What do you want to read about? This is a magazine, but more importantly, it is a conversation – one that is only just beginning.


Magdalena Abrego
Founder and Editor in Chief, INPUT/OUTPUT