ISSUE NO 1. | MAY 2019

The State of Massachusetts

Meet Myrtle

Meet Myrtle

Claire Dickson and Camila Ortiz have joined forces as Myrtle. The two sat down with Magdalena Abrego for a conversation about songwriting beyond the bounds of genre.

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Interview with Grace Ward

Grace Ward discusses Western swing, conservatory life, and her move from Austin to Boston.

Tool Kit: Saxophone Multiphonics

Allison Burik breaks down her approach to practicing alto saxophone multiphonics.

Melissa Weikart's Required Reading

Ten selections from Weikart’s bookshelves.

This Moment Changed my Life

Andrea Pensado on the influence of Mauricio Kagel and Crank Sturgeon.

Against the Tyranny of Sameness in Music

Essay by Wendy Eisenberg.