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Episode 4: Camila Ortiz

Magdalena chats with vocalist and songwriter Camila Ortiz in Camila’s empty bedroom in Cambridge the day before her move to Brooklyn. I/O fans may recognize Camila from the cover of INPUT/OUTPUT Magazine Issue no. 1 where she is featured as one half of the powerhouse songwriting duo, Myrtle. Magdalena invites Camila back to I/O to discuss what happens when your big break fizzles out and you find yourself at Harvard University studying beauty YouTubers and writing experimental pop songs.

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Episode 3: Junko Fujiwara

Magdalena invites cellist Junko Fujiwara to her apartment in Cambridge for a conversation on the circuitous path that led her from the orchestral stages of the Midwest to the free jazz jam sessions of New England. We discuss her experiences navigating the culture of bullying in music education, both as a student and educator, and the lessons she’s learned while balancing the professional and the personal.

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Episode 2: Katy the Kyng

Magdalena joins guitarist, vocalist, and poet Katy the Kyng in her kitchen in Brooklyn for a conversation on confronting patriarchal guitar culture with humor and shredding. Then, we get the “behind the music” scoop on Katy’s upcoming album, Selfies of You, featuring Marc Ribot and Ches Smith. Plus, hear an exclusive preview of an unreleased recording of Katy and Marc playing duo. Note: this episode carries an explicit rating and is intended for adult audiences only.

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Episode 1: Susan Alcorn

Magdalena visits pedal steel guitarist Susan Alcorn at her home in Baltimore for a conversation on her transition from country music to experimental improvisation, her experiences navigating the world of audience/performer dynamics, and her time spent practicing Deep Listening with Pauline Oliveros.

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